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Energy. Power. Passion.


2 day FREE training. January 10 and 11 @ 12 noon

Your growth (and overall life experiences) gets to be less about doing and more about being. 


Because you are amazing!!


Your light has just been dimmed down for a little too long.  But now you are ready to wake up. 


And I’m here to be your guide in activating the pieces of you that you have forgotten about. 

Bringing out your own personal brilliance. 

Lighting up your power inside. 


And connecting with your passion.


Just image what is possible when you fully own your personal energy, personal power and personal passion.




And from this place you get to create a life you love….and it all starts with you!!!!


I’ve got you!  Let’s do this.


Those who participate will receive:


*  My Power Activation audio.

*  A chance to win 30 days with me

*  Special pricing on my January 3 month group

*  All my love, inspiration and tools

*  Plus connection with other like minded women



Energy Power Passion 

So lets break this down…..


Your Personal Energy:  We get to stop wasting your energy on all of the doing. All of the looking outside of yourself. Following all of the rules.  And basically showing up in the same habits and routines that have NOT been serving you.  Your energy is yours to create, to feel and experience, to share and to attract in more of what you desire.


Your Personal Power:  Without even realizing it, you give up your power daily to all the things around you.  We allow others to direct who we are and how we feel about ourselves.  We allow our power to be controlled by outside “things” rather than an internal embodiment.  Women are so freaking powerful….and once we light your power up again you will be capable of anything and everything without bending, shifting or worrying about the things around you.  Truly free to be you.


Your Personal Passion:  A woman’s passion is felt. It gives her purpose. It directs her intention for her day and her life.  And so many of us are going through life out of habit.  Out of routine. And out of following the “rules”.  Let’s wake up that passion inside of you.  Truly discover what you are here to do. How you desire to feel.  And what you want in this life.  Activate your passion and your whole world shifts.

I’d truly be honored to have you join us!

It’s your time to Receive!.

“I am SO thankful that the Universe guided me to Rachael! With her help, I have had so many a-ha moments on things that have held me back for years! With Rachael I was able to work through so much and I am happily creating a beautiful and abundant life!"

-Erin Chandler 

We are a team in this <3

I am Rachael Phillips

My clients recieve all of my love, support, tools and inspiration. 

I am an open book when it comes to questions and sharing... you get all of me. I see life as a journey and when I am working with a client I have the honor of joining htem mon their beautiful journey. It is a gift for me. 

Together we will navigate the ups and downs, the challenges and the joys. We will come out more powerful from each experience. 

In a nutshell... I'm your person <3

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