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Shannon Demir's Transformative Experience With Rachael Lou

How would you say you have transformed in this process? 


“ I have made more progress in the last three years with Rachael than in my whole life. Now life is exciting every day. Rachael will always be a friend and will always be someone I work with. 

She is so good with grace. She never gets irritated. She’s always given grace, encouragement, and always assumes the best."

How are things AFTER working with Rachael?

“Things are really good! It’s overwhelming. Rachael’s been part of my biggest moments.

She’s been there in Voxer for my biggest moments, good and bad.

I’m at what I’ve been working for! We made it!"

What would you say to the person who is grappling with the investment?

"As moms and women we are always willing to invest in our family or practical things.

Some women may look at the financial investment as an obstacle.

We all go through the “investment struggle”, especially if it’s an investment in ourselves. 

That internal struggle probably won’t go away. When that question comes up, “am I worth the investment?”, realize that is normal. We all go through it.

Decide that you ARE worth it.

I’ve never regretted it. Work through those feelings. Rachael will help you work through them."


Schedule Your FREE Dream Life Activation Call:

During this 30 minutes powerful call you will receive:

  • Tools to support you in stepping into the energy and the magic you desire to experience. 

  • Mindset shifts to open you up, and  free you into experiencing more. 

  • Wake up to what is holidng you back and what to do about it. 

  • Being seen, honored and loved fully without judgement. 

  • True understanding of your personal power, how to activate it and harness it. 

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