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OWN IT:  Energy. Power. Passion.


2 day FREE training. January 10 and 11 @ 12 noon

“I am SO thankful that the Universe guided me to Rachael! With her help, I have had so many a-ha moments on things that have held me back for years! With Rachael I was able to work through so much and I am happily creating a beautiful and abundant life!"

-Erin Chandler 

We are a team in this <3

I am Rachael Phillips

My clients recieve all of my love, support, tools and inspiration. 

I am an open book when it comes to questions and sharing... you get all of me. I see life as a journey and when I am working with a client I have the honor of joining htem mon their beautiful journey. It is a gift for me. 

Together we will navigate the ups and downs, the challenges and the joys. We will come out more powerful from each experience. 

In a nutshell... I'm your person <3

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