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About Rachael Lou

I am your person. 


I’m a woman with a passion to constantly grow and expand and a purpose to inspire other driven women to do the same.I’m an entrepreneur, mom of 3 beautiful kiddos and a wife to an amazing man. I’m here to experience life fully. With passion, joy and purpose.

I’ve done a lot of “hard” things in my life.

Birthing 3 babies 100% natural

Running marathons and triathlons,

Processing a bankruptcy and overcoming breast cancer in the middle of a pandemic with 3 small kiddos.

Each of these experiences made me stronger (you’ve heard that before)…but more importantly they each shaped who I am and the life I’ve decided to create for myself.

My personal journey of self discovery and healing began by..

Working with a coach myself

Breaking down the limiting beliefs I was given as a child.

Truly going deep into discover all of my powers that I was born with….the ones I had squashed for so many years.

Now I have the honor of working with women who are ready to DIG DEEP.

I go all in on my clients. Your goals and desires….they become mine and I give you the best of me daily to make those goals and desires a reality. 


My clients receive all of my love, support, tools and inspiration.

I share vulnerably with the ladies who are working with me.

I’m human, and I want my life experiences and emotions to be something you can gain clarity from.

I am an open book when it comes to questions and sharing… get all of me.

I see life as a journey and that when I am working with a client I have the honor of joining them on their beautiful journey. It is a gift for me.

Together we will navigate the ups and downs, the challenges and the joys and come out more powerful from each experience.

In a nutshell….I’m your person

If you’re new to me, allow me to introduce myself…

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